Download Dr Huxley’s Bequest Teaching Resources

Dr Huxley’s Bequest by Michelle Cooper

A mysterious bequest sends Rosy and Jaz on a race against time to identify thirteen strange and wonderful objects – which turn out to tell the story of medicine, from the superstitions of ancient Egypt to the modern-day ethical dilemmas of genetic testing.

An exploration of the beauty and power of scientific reasoning.
Creative non-fiction for thoughtful readers aged twelve years and up.

Dr Huxley’s Bequest provides opportunities for curriculum-based learning, corresponding to Stages 4 and 5 of the Australian Science Curriculum. Dr Huxley’s Bequest Teaching Resources contains a summary of the topics and issues discussed in the book, plus 20 pages of questions and activities, including links to appropriate online resources for each topic.

Download Dr Huxley’s Bequest Teaching Resources (396kB pdf).

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