Dr Huxley's Bequest

A History of Medicine in Thirteen Objects

Dr Huxley's Bequest by Michelle Cooper

A mysterious bequest sends Rosy and Jaz on a race against time to identify thirteen strange and wonderful objects – which turn out to tell the story of medicine, from the superstitions of ancient Egypt to the modern-day ethical dilemmas of genetic testing.

Can unicorns cure leprosy?

What secrets of the brain did Michelangelo conceal in his Sistine Chapel paintings?

Did a zombie discover the cure for scurvy?

Does homeopathy actually work?

Why did an Australian scientist decide to drink dangerous bacteria?

Is grapefruit evil?

Did the bumps on Ned Kelly’s head predict his fate?

And how exactly did parachuting cats save a village from the plague?

An exploration of the beauty and power of scientific reasoning.
Creative non-fiction for thoughtful readers aged twelve years and up.

★ Shortlisted for the 2018 Young People’s History Prize (NSW Premier's History Awards)
★ Listed in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge Booklist for Years 7-9

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Published by FitzOsborne Press and available in paperback and ebook editions

Reviews of Dr Huxley’s Bequest

"Intriguing and beautifully produced … Cooper approaches the history of medicine with the same eclectic verve, pace and off-beat imagination as she demonstrates in her historically based novels … the reader is positively bombarded with fascinating information."

Katharine England, Magpies Magazine

"Channelling Sherlock and Watson, Rosy and Jaz journey through the history of medicine … This thoroughly researched chronology of medicinal inventions, discoveries and disasters is presented in an interesting and engaging manner. Dr Huxley’s Bequest is a fascinating look at the role science, pseudo-science, and convenient accidents have had on the well-being of humanity."

Fiona Miller-Stevens, Reading Time

"The author has created a beautiful tapestry of the lives of fictional characters in their quest for information ... comprehensively researched ... inspiring."

Shannon Fletcher, Teaching Science

"…strong characters and a believable purpose combine with a deft writerly touch to produce an interesting and engaging narrative that educates and, as I mentioned, provides a positive perspective on research and the quest for knowledge, and this cannot be undervalued. I can see this being picked up by young readers for pleasure, but I would also commend it to teachers to consider as a class text, due to its quality and relevance to learning."

Tehani Croft, The Book Nut

"Demonstrating a breadth and depth of research, Dr Huxley’s Bequest effortlessly surveys the evolution of medicine across time and cultures."

Shortlist for 2018 Young People’s History Prize, NSW Premier's History Awards

"…this book offers something special – a compendium of skeptical conclusions on a wide variety of scientific and pseudoscientific topics. If you have teenage girls with an interest in science, or maybe teenage boys, or just know some teenagers, or you know some adults who should know better, then this book deserves a place on your shelf."

Tim Mendham, The Skeptic Magazine

"I learned something new on every page, but this was such a fun read, I never felt preached or lectured at -- this is a massive achievement for such an informative, educational book -- it never feels too educational! It's just like a very clever, funny person telling you loads of really interesting stories about medicine."

Kate Constable, Australian author

"Recommended … The mystery technique is a fantastic way to tell the story of medicine from ancient Egyptian times to current genetic testing … Given the current STEM emphasis in education this book would be ideal in the library for over 12 year olds."

Ann Griffin, Read Plus